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Version 0.2118-jan-2020The previous version had some leftover debugging-code, which was creating a debug.mag file under certain circumstances. My deepest apologies. To make up for it, this version supports the MS DOS binaries from "Corruption" as well as "Fish!". Enjoy!
MD5: ba9702c92312f6458aeb5b67b769695a
MD5: c8e5034d9233e4fbf3d67265284a1227
MD5: a4668e2d31e6191b2c408f445a40165b
Version 0.2015-jan-2020This version is the 'Jinxter' release. It is now possible to play with the original MS-DOS binaries, and load old save games. Not only that: A bug in the sliding puzzle has also been fixed. It is solvable now.
MD5: 5f9fabc801fdeca0387750f10ec94c52
MD5: 9ca2970741b45f47960542f31e8c6818
MD5: f4cf14b677eacaa5f8cb5e5e4d3c334e
Version 0.1927-dec-2019This version is capable of natively reading the binaries from the MS-DOS version of "The Pawn" and "The Guild Of Thieves". This allowed for showing the beautiful title screens, but also necessated in a new vmode high_ansi2. It is hard to explain what it means, so just check it out yourself. (Just start -vmode high_ansi2).
Additionally, the Random Generator was given an overhaul. It is now possible, with "-rmode real" to have a completely new gaming experience.
MD5: 86b2e3a18f38420ac094c3e537c98240
MD5: 33b853efb861da914aa6f2cd9c654f3d
MD5: 166b1704a2c7add6e0e28bcd6e28e31c
Version 0.1811-nov-2019Version 0.17 had an issue with the graphics: Certain installations were not showing any of them, due to the fact that there were two parameters in the .ini file that had no default values. At the same time, I took the liberty of removing some glitches in the textual output.dMagnetic_0.18.tar.bz2
MD5: 05c0f2d2c0eb8cecb122624822b537cb
MD5: c737e3e22f42cc83d9ab04c0003d6ebe
Version 0.1728-jul-2019Now that I am a member of the Guild of Thieves, I finally found some time to tweak the low ansi output a little bit. It looks awesome, and I will upload a bunch of new screenshots soon.dMagnetic_0.17.tar.gz
MD5: e5228a6d0432ae6dc4184726fb47225f
Version 0.1606-jul-2019One user told me that he was not as pleased with the word wrap as one might think. Now, it is possible to read the text left-, block-, and right-aligned. (Whereas the last one is not really recommened. You see! ;) )dMagnetic_0.16.tar.gz
MD5: 75768513c2c8737a09136efd7f539b0f
Version 0.1508-jun-2019So far, I have been mauled by a bear, eaten by viscious rats, choked by a constrictor, buried alive (because I tried hiding in a casket), stood on a square of the wrong color, beaten in hand-to-hand combat by an old frail man, and drowned because I did not drop the statue. Oh, and I also kicked the bucket.
This version allows for configuration of the characters used for the low ansi and monochrome renderer. There, I also applied some subtle changes. Looks great!
MD5: 2e7e7aa88bb93da5734ea055ee6d663b
Version 0.1430-may-2019This version removed some graphical glitches in the pictures and the textual output.dMagnetic_0.14.tar.gz
MD5: 637551533b7d61013a73930ff2e1e9f5
Version 0.1324-may-2019This version made the "low ansi" mode the default output mode. It works on all terminals, across all Unix platforms (old and new). If you prefer to have the richest amount of colors, feel free to use the "-vmode high_ansi" command line option.dMagnetic_0.13.tar.gz
MD5: 496040ffb0d71b9a33c8f1a38073fec5
Version 0.1221-may-2019This version increased the amount of characters that are used for the low ansi mode. Pictures look much smoother and cleaner, even in low resolutions.dMagnetic_0.12.tar.gz
MD5: 58deaf067b46b4c6e1e141dfad44a8fb
Version 0.1119-may-2019This version has an updated manpage, and can be build with BSD make. To ease access, the command line options were streamlined. There is also the possibility to write logfiles of your adventures.dMagnetic_0.11.tar.gz
MD5: c084c1e3c8cdab70b4723aa37ec42027
Version 0.1017-may-2019This version saw lots of improvement on the low ansi output. I also added the possibility to set the graphics mode from the command line, for those who really want to try it out.dMagnetic_0.10.tar.gz
MD5: 91682a13578ff5ea0ff25119b0aa1f39
Version 0.0904-may-2019Due to popular request, I tried my hand in connecting the engine to the GLK standard interface. It works!dMagnetic_0.09.tar.gz
MD5: 9bc968603460ea6b6932ef10b55a119b
Version 0.0830-apr-2019This version saw a little bit of code cleanup. Graphics for "Corruption" and "Wonderland" are working. There was also a crash when trying to save the game with an empty filename. That has been fixed.dMagnetic_0.08.tar.gz
MD5: d3574eec65463488379142d485d7c3ab
Version 0.0728-apr-2019This version allows for playing through "Myth". Thus, all Magnetic Scrolls games are supported by this Interpreter! Enjoy!!dMagnetic_0.07.tar.gz
MD5: 2509259d98f05edd3e9f685582f16c31
Version 0.0628-apr-2019This version allows you to delve down into the rabbit's hole, and finish "Wonderland". Unfortunately, the graphics do not work, yet. But the story is as weird as you'd think. The code looks awful.dMagnetic_0.06.tar.gz
MD5: 992ea0f8f6de195631fe0b8b184fc054
Version 0.0527-apr-2019Due to popular demand, I started working on "Corruption". Which is possible to finish. "Myth", and "Fish!" can be started, but I cannot guarantee that you will be able to play them through. For this game, the graphic format changed, and I will have to figure out what it is before I can support it.
I also did some stabilization for "The Pawn" and "Jinxter". The code looks awful now.
MD5: b3338aefa41463a64b9e7934be5a8f7b
Version 0.04 22-apr-2019The second release today... The last one was at 3AM. Just a little code cleanup. The default compiler settings are compiling with higher optimizations and full Warning flags. Just a little something extra. dMagnetic_0.04.tar.gz
MD5: 8cbc6be42d81bca2288c662014f98399
Version 0.0322-apr-2019This version saw more bugfixes. And I finshed playing Jinxter, albeit with only 185 of 205 points. I do not know if that is the end of the game, the virtual machine behaves bit-exact to the Magnetic2.3 version. Get the binaries from The magnetic scrolls memorial.dMagnetic_0.03.tar.gz
MD5: 97e4010d700a5c4ad4e4eb59dc6322ca
Version 0.0219-apr-2019This version saw some bugfixes. I even started working on the documentation, and I strolled into "The Guild"'s castle. I cannot guarantee that it is possible to finish the game. Get the binaries from The magnetic scrolls memorial. Oh, and the low ansi renderer looks much better now.dMagnetic_0.02.tar.gz
MD5: 4a1e5566d8149f5077bb182a054a60ce
Version 0.0114-apr-2019This is the initial release. It is possible to play through "The Pawn", but you will have to grab the .mag and .gfx binaries from The magnetic scrolls memorial . And I cannot guarantee that the game will not crash on you. Sorry.dMagnetic_0.01.tar.gz
MD5: 3b65ee0fd977538a16a15da5e8c470d5