..         ..
...           ...
... Dettu[Xx] ... 
...           ...
  ..         ..
    .........  probably the worlds nastiest Linux-distribution.
before you start, make sure that you have your emergency kit near the computer, for example your partner, some cartoons, your favourite alcoholics... this could get pretty rough!

1. download the disks.
2. boot your computer with disk1 and disk2.
3. use fdisk/mkfs/mkswap as ever you want to
4. mount your root-partion onto /mnt
5. mount all the other partions under /mnt where you want them
6. replace disk1 into your computer, and mount it to /mnt/mnt
7. (cd /mnt/mnt ; tar cvf - *) | (cd /mnt ; tar xv )
8. umount /mnt
9. put disk3 into your computer
10. cd /mnt ; tar xvf /dev/fd0 -M
11. change disk, if necessary
12. tar xvfI basesystem.tar.bz2
13. use joe to edit your /mnt/etc/fstab and /mnt/etc/lilo.conf
14. /mnt/sbin/lilo -v -C /mnt/etc/lilo.conf -r /mnt
15. cd / ; umount /mnt (donnot forget to umount everythin below /mnt first)
16. umount -av
17. exit

your computer should boot now from your harddrive. log in as root, and do whatever you want to do.

then you should try to
1. get into the internet
2. get the sources for the kernel, install them and run make menuconfig (no, you wont be satisfied, but that gives you alle the symlinks needed, when you want to compile something)
3. get the sources for gcc, compile it
4. get the sources for the textutils, compile them

as long as you are not satisfied with the installed kernel on the bootdisk, just compile a new one on a computer of your choice. Mount the bootdisk to /mnt and copy the fresh kernel to /mnt/boot together with the System.map file. Enter lilo -v -r /mnt. Cheer a lot, and then dance.

The known problems are:
- youll have to manually mount everything after booting up
- there are NO init-scripts yet
- there are NO shutdown-scripts yet
- the only way to shutdown your computer is to umount everything with mount / -o ro,remount and umount -avrf a couple of times and wait until your harddrive gets quiet.
anyway, youll make it. bye!