circdraw is a program which is used to draw circuit diagrams in latex. It was written by Thomas Dettbarn (dettus@dettus.net). Make sure to include the word "circdraw" somewhere in the subject header.
Latest Version: circdraw_latest.tar.gz

Version 0.1, January 21, 2007: circdraw_0.1.tar.gz MD5 (circdraw_0.1.tar.gz) = d4075484c4ba0bfc21fd9590774cabce
Version 0.11, January 26, 2007: circdraw_0.11.tar.gz MD5 (circdraw_0.11.tar.gz) = f164701ca1e72bbfc1f866b33fbeabe1
Version 0.12, September 23, 2007: circdraw_0.12.tar.gz MD5 (circdraw_0.12.tar.gz) = 752148edbef8c7ce9bbdf8dc47747d8a