If you want to setup your DSL with OpenBSD you are more then welcome to use my ppp.conf as example:


	set log Phase Chat IPCP CCP Warning tun command
	set redial 15 0
	set reconnect 30 10000

	set device "!/usr/sbin/pppoe -v -v -i rl0"
	disable acfcomp protocomp vjcomp deflate pred1
	deny acfcomp
	set log All
	set mtu max 1492
	set crtscts off
	set speed sync
	accept lqr
	set dial
	set login
	set timeout 0
	set authname "cpe$$$$$@qdsl.de"
	set authkey "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
	add! default HISADDR
	enable mssfixup
	enable lqr
	set lqrperiod 5





After setting it up, just type in
% ppp -ddial qdsl
Maybe it helps you, because ppp, pppd and pppoe is a BITCH to set up for the first time. (I am using Q-DSL and OpenBSD)