d11amp is a simple MP3-player

d11amp is a frontend to MPG123, trying to resemble WinAmp, utilizing its treasure trove of themes. It has been published under the BSD 2-clause license.

For feedback, please do not hesitate to send an email to dettus_AT_dettus.net. Make sure to include D11AMP somewhere in the header!

Download dMagnetic 0.59

The first useable release! Thank you so much Christian for your wonderful, beautiful, magnificent default theme! (See screenshots below). If you do not like it, please help yourself to one of the NUMEROUS skins over at https://skins.webamp.org/. Yes, this version is also capable of loading .WSZ files.


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d11amp, Version 0.59
d11amp Version 0.59, with the new skin.

d11amp, Version 0.58
d11amp Version 0.58, with the XMMS skin.

How to compile

Make sure the prerequisites are met. The following libraries are needed:
wget https://www.dettus.net/d11amp/d11amp_0.59.tar.bz2
tar xvfj d11amp_0.59.tar.bz2
cd d11amp_0.59