Moving to Erlangen
Final Examn
Working in the IIS!
Look at the masters of disguise
My new PowerBook 12inches
Quad screen power!!
Christmas 2005
Las Vegas 2006
Celebrating my 28th birthday!!
Moving from Erlangen to Nuremberg
Shila's birthday, September 23, 2006
Cambridge/London, December 15-17, 2006
LAS VEGAS 2007, January 11-17, 2007
My 29th birthday, March 17 2007
Elitzas wedding in Sofia, April 20-23, 2007
Colonge, August 10-12, 2007


And, finally a little screenshot of my desktop, running OpenBSD, icewm (with crossOver0.3-Theme), Eterm and vim.
And a little shot of my notebook