nMicrocoder is a ncurses EDA tool to write microcode. Basically it is a stripped down spreadsheet program which lets you fill a tabular with "0","1" and "-" and gives you compile-ready verilog-code in return.
I wrote it, because i figured out that OpenOffice was painfully slow on my notebook (it took 5 minutes just to start!), and the alternatives didn't suit my needs.

It is known to run on Linux, IRIX and Solaris, unless ncurses 5.3 is installed.

Get the latest version here
Wendsday, 31-aug-2k4
Version 0.05 makes .frm-files interchangeable between Little- and BigEndian computers possible.
Wendsday, 19-mar-2k3
Damn those IBM-Harddrives. I am really sorry, but again I lost a lot of my old archive, including the CVS-Tree. Luckily i was able to recover some part of the ancient nMicrocoder homepage

Friday, 07-feb-2k3

Version 0.02 supports colors.

???, ??-???-2k3

This is what the first release looked like. Unfortunatly i lost it, but if somebody from you is interested to see it online again, maybe you can send it to me? It would be great.